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Faisions place à de nouvelles couleurs—Magasinez LE OUTLET
Faisions place à de nouvelles couleurs—Magasinez LE OUTLET


THE FUTURE OF LE COLOR | Huge announcement from Light Elegance

THE FUTURE OF LE COLOR | Huge announcement from Light Elegance

Exciting innovations upgrade the award-winning LE Color Lineup!

Light Elegance has been a clear leader in developing award-winning HEMA monomer free color formulations for years, and we couldn’t be more excited to announce the next chapter in our color journey.

Several huge improvements to the LE Color Lineup are being announced, and we know nail pros will love these exciting innovations!

New packaging


Our time-tested, award-winning formulations all stay the same, but we’re excited to introduce new packaging for LE Glitter Gel and P+ Gel Polish—as well as new-and-improved ButterCream labels—as well as smaller sizes and an unbeatable low price point. These changes now make our packaging as premium as the product inside the bottle, delivering an elevated salon experience that will delight nail pros everywhere.

New packaging breakdown

New 10ml sizes for LE Glitter Gel and P+ Gel Polish means less money sitting in your nail table, the option to stock more colors for less and allow nail pros new to LE to get started faster—for less. Better yet, our new $16.95 price (CAD) gives nail pros a break in tough economic conditions allowing you to bring in the new collections for less and delight clients season after season.

Smaller doesn’t always mean less, and we’re proud to announce no change in the cost per service for LE Glitter Gel and only $0.09 (CAD) more for P+ Gel Polish! Nail pros rejoice!

New P+ Polish


Nail pros have always loved the premium ButterCream jars, but we’ve listened to your feedback about the holographic color names being hard to read. We’re happy to announce a redesign of the ButterCream top labels that makes the color names pop, better color accuracy and a luxurious foil stamp featuring the LE RBF logo and ButterCream branding. Now you can save time looking for your ButterCreams and enjoy their butter-smooth application even more!

Over the past few years we’ve observed a huge shift in nail pros’ color preferences, with the vast majority of LE customers choosing our modern ButterCream or P+ formulations over LE Color Gel. In-line with this trend, we will no longer be releasing new LE Color Gel colors and will be focusing on more special releases of LE Glitter Gels, ButterCreams, P+ Gel Polishes and JimmyGels (hint hint).

For those of you that use LE Color Gels exclusively, don’t worry! We have tons of ButterCream samples, even more great ButterCream tutorials on YouTube and exciting in-person classes on the way. We hear from some pros that they like the added strength of LE Color Gel, but we’re here to remind everyone that your strength comes from your structure, NOT your color on top! ButterCream is extremely durable hard gel that lasts until you file it off over a well-structured nail.

If you have any questions, please reach out to us directly.

New ButterCream packaging


The new outfits for P+ Gel Polish and LE Glitter Gel launch with the reveal of the all-new Fall 2023 collection. That’s when you’ll get to check out the upgrades to the ButterCream labels, too! Stay tuned for teasers and the Fall 2023 official reveal on Monday, August 21st!

Beginning mid-September, we’ll be rolling out all top P+ Gel Polishes and LE Glitter Gels in their cute new outfits—and smaller sizes—with more shades to follow as quickly as we can make them!

As a reminder, there are no changes to the award-winning, HEMA free formulations, so all your existing colors will work perfectly in combination with the new ones!

Be sure to follow @beautysolution on Instagram, Facebook and YouTube for more exciting announcements all week long!

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