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We're making room for new colors—Shop LE OUTLET


Style Pro dust collector - Black

by SheMax
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This professional manicure dust collector meets all the needs and wishes of every master manicurist, and combines only the best ideas in the industry.

High technological characteristics, plus an exquisite design solution, are implemented in a fan under the name Style PRO.

The main feature of SheMax Style PRO dust collector is the presence of TWO motors, instead of one, as in other existing fans. SheMax was the first on the market to offer and realize the idea with power amplification, by installing two centrifugal motors. Unlike other fans that only pull dust in a small area directly above the fan, SheMax Style Pro evenly attracts dust on absolutely the entire surface area of the grill.

An additional feature of the new model is the latest air bowl technology. Working with designers and analyzing air flows, it was decided to simulate the tornado effect inside the fan.

The removable grill is mounted on magnets. It is very easy to remove to clean the filter. Reusable replaceable filters are available, and proper care and maintenance can greatly increase the service life.

PAY ATTENTION! The SheMax Style PRO dust collector has the necessary speed and power to capture dust during manicures. An additional increase in power, only consumes more of your electricity and creates additional noise.


  • Power 50W
  • Dust capture speed of 5 m/s
  • Lattice grill size 24 х 17 cm
  • Casing size 36 х 20 х 7.5 cm
  • 1 year manufacturer warranty.
  • Complete set includes: extractor fan, reusable filter, plug, instruction with warranty card.
  • Also available in other colors.

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