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Nail Art Brush Kit | One Stroke

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The perfect set of One Stroke brushes.

Description for each brush

One Stroke 1 large - This size is useful for your first, larger petal stages. The trio to adopt for one-strokes, allowing you to make different sizes of petals very easily. The angled pile makes each movement easier. 8mm higher length, 6mm smaller length.

One Stroke 2 medium - This size is perfect for those who prefer to use one brush for the entire flower. Personally, I use it for medium sized petals. It will also come in handy for making linear graphic designs, such as abstract or tile, which is always trendy in fall and winter. 6mm higher length, 4mm shorter length.

One Stroke 3 small - This size is for the smallest petals in the center of the flower. You can also use this format to make flower petals other than one-stroke, or leaves with a single brushstroke. 4mm higher length, 3mm shorter length.


Elegant and professional look.

Handle entirely in metal.

Very resistant and easy to clean glossy white surface.

Watertight closure.

Protective cap ideal for gel, as it protects against dust and UV rays, and perfect for acrylic paint, since moisture is evacuated through the ventilation hole in the cap.

Made of very light metal.

Nylon bristles suitable for the following three mediums: acrylic, watercolor and gel.

Nail Art Brush

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