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We're making room for new colors—Shop LE OUTLET
We're making room for new colors—Shop LE OUTLET




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Elevate your performance and enhance your extension abilities with the new MAXForm!⁣

Meet the brand-new MAXForms aluminum foil forms with increased performance for creating enhancements of all kinds. Create the perfect extension, no matter the length or shape.

300 Forms per roll


  • No pinching needed⁣.
  • Printed relief cuts for custom fit⁣.
  • Retains shape for long extensions⁣.
  • Perforated tear line for sport length⁣.
  • Shape guidelines for easy reference⁣.
  • Numbered free edge for precise length⁣.
  • Better stability and strong adhesive tabs⁣.
  • Durable foundation for any enhancement⁣.
  • Perfect for all shapes, sizes and nail beds⁣.

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