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We're making room for new colors—Shop LE OUTLET
We're making room for new colors—Shop LE OUTLET


JimmyGel - Delicate Peach

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Fast, Strong & Flexible Extensions in a Bottle

This pink-brown shade has a lovely peach undertone and just enough opacity to hide blemishes.

Opacity Semi-Opaque

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15 ml

Formulated by and named after Light Elegance owner and head chemist, Jim McConnell, Jimmy Gel is a soak-off building gel in a bottle that can perform services ranging from fast natural nail manicures to long, elegant extensions with ease.

Formulated to soak-off for complete product removal, but it is unique in the fact that it can be used under either soak-off gel polish or hard gel products. Now clients that want 4+ week wear offered by hard gels and the ability to completely remove their enhancements without filing on the natural nail finally can have it all.

Why JimmyGel?

  • Ideal balance for strength and flexibility
  • Brush-bottle design saves time on every service
  • 21+ day wear when used under gel polish
  • Holds it's shape on a form beautifully for less filing
  • Features extreme clarity for showcasing window-pane look
  • Formulated for use under hard gel or soak-off gel
  • Versatility is the key –from thin to thick or short to long
  • JimmyGel’s new colors offer the perfect shade for every service and any skin tone!

JimmyGel Color Family Additions –Now available in Clear, Natural, Boomer White, Ideal Pink, Soft Pink, and Delicate Peach.

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