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We're making room for new colors—Shop LE OUTLET


LEpro Stir and Scoop

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Because better tools make better pros, the LEpro Stir and Scoop spatula gives nail artists the control they need, all without sacrificing speed.

Featuring a textured, no-slip grip, stainless steel and double-ended functionality, the Stir and Scoop has a wide variety of fun and functional applications and is always disinfectable.

The Scoop end is great for

  • Picking up small particles for nail art
  • Scooping Pretties, glitter & acrylic powder
  • Sprinkling dry powders onto the nail

The Spatula end is great for

  • Stirring, mixing & scraping products
  • Picking up gels to place onto a palette
  • Blending gels together
  • Keeping air bubbles out of gel

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