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Color Collection - Blossom and Bloom

Color Collection - Blossom and Bloom


Un carnet d''échantillons inclus GRATUITEMENT!

Don’t Be Such a Pansy, Rose to the Occasion, What in Carnations, You Grow Girl!, You Had Me at Aloe, Talk Dirt to Me

(6) 17 ml glitter gels, avec sélecteurs de couleurs


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Prepare to Blossom and Bloom with the all-new Spring 2020 Color & Glitter Gel collection by Light Elegance. On-trend for spring with soft, elegant shades, Blossom and Bloom is inspired by beautiful flower gardens and luscious floral bouquets. Let the 12 new shades take you on a journey through a garden of rich creams, soft shimmers and delicate glitters with the right amount of sparkle to make your spring looks stand out among the weeds.

Don’t Be Such a Pansy, Rose to the Occasion, What in Carnations, You Grow Girl!, You Had Me at Aloe, Talk Dirt to Me

(6) 17 ml glitter gels, with fandeck sticks


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