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Tribal by BlackQueenNailDesign (CJS LC-02)

Tribal by BlackQueenNailDesign (CJS LC-02)

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One of our unique "collaboration" stamping plate designs submitted to us by; BlackQueenNailsDesign. This plate reflects indigenous art designs perhaps inspired by North and South American indigenous people and can be found in modern fashion and body art.  We are proud to have collaborated with BQND to bring forth the art work for our this stamping plate. This nail stamping plate allows the user to create multi-layered and multi-colored nail art designs with ease.
Here is a little message from the creator of the Tribal Plate:
"Hello to everyone! I am Ana aka @blackqueennailsdesign, a Nail Artist in Gran Canaria, Spain. I love reading, music, art, nature and animals, I have two french bulldog, Dexter and Tessa. I started in nail art world in the year 2013, everything started when I saw Watermarble tutorial on YouTube, and continue watching more videos and I said to myself, I should try at home, I always liked glazes and see many designs can be fascinated me. My first design was a Watermarble, was a disaster then I was practicing other techniques, and little by little I've been improving and falling in love for this art, because it is something that reaches all places of the world, and that has given me the opportunity to meet many wonderful people all over the world!"

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