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ButterCream - Shore Thing

ButterCream - Shore Thing

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LE ButterCreams combine gorgeous one-coat coverage, thin application and the ability to create detailed line artwork all in one jar.

This cream natural beige has just the slightest hint of pink. It is sophisticated neutral that will take you year-round.

Coverage Opaque

Effect Flat/Cream

Also available in the Nautical Collection.

5.5 ml

Why Choose ButterCream?

  • 100% HEMA-monomer FREE!
  • Manufactured responsibly in Redmond, Oregon
  • 4+ week wear
  • One-coat coverage for faster services
  • Comprehensive color selection containing everything from classic nudes and neutrals to trendy, neon colors perfect to match your client
  • Thin application makes color removal fast and easy using a hand or eFile for effortless fills
  • Apply ButterCream to a fully structured nail
  • New seasonal colors available every year

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