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P+ 36 polishes + LEDdot limited edition launch special

P+ 36 Polishes + LEDdot Limited Edition Launch Special
LEDdot Lamp

In celebration of the exciting launch of our all-new P+ Gel Polish System, we're offering a limited number of launch specials that include a FREE LEDdot lamp ($248.95 value)!

The kit includes all 36 P+ launch colors and glitters including the 12 new Timeless shades, and with the FREE LEDdot, you'll save 31% over the individual purchase price!

💲Save $248.95 over the individual purchase price!💲

Please Note the P+ Launch Special includes all of the launch colors and glitters, but you'll need to purchase your JimmyGel, P+ Top Coat and P+ QDbase separately

15 ml each

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