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We're making room for new colors—Shop LE OUTLET
We're making room for new colors—Shop LE OUTLET


WHAT MAKES US | Light Elegance launches new campaign to explain core brand pillars

WHAT MAKES US | Light Elegance launches new campaign to explain core brand pillars


Science, Creative, Consistent and Family are What Make Us LE.

Since 2020, Light Elegance has been sharing its What’s Inside Matters message with the professional nail world. The What’s Inside Matters message focuses on LE Chemistry, Quality and Community and has been adopted by nail professionals around the globe. In a nail industry increasingly crowded by cheap products often containing high levels of HEMA monomer and other sensitizing ingredients, What’s Inside Matters resonates with all nail pros that want to provide the highest quality products from a brand that cares about them and their clients.


The all-new What Makes Us campaign picks up where What’s Inside Matters left off and is a deeper dive into the Science, Creative, Consistent and Family pillars that are the core of Light Elegance. Over the next 18 months, LE will be sharing the What Makes Us message by presenting the Science, Creative, Consistent and Family pillars and explaining What Makes us LE!

What Makes Us | Science


Science We lead the industry with our transparency in research, development, manufacturing and quality. LE formulates and manufactures every gel in-house in Oregon thanks to our talented team of R&D chemists and skilled technicians.

Have you had a client with allergies or a product question you can’t get answers to? We understand the importance of product safety and giving nail pros all the answers they need. That’s why we keep all of our R&D and chemistry in-house, so you can get the answers straight from the chemists, keep clients safer and understand how the products you love work.

Science is what makes us LE.

LE Chemists

LE Creative

CREATIVE - #LECreative

Unleashing the power of color and design with show-stopping styles. LE gives nail professionals unlimited creativity and endless possibilities.

Need help with creating the perfect designs to wow you clients? Are you losing time in the salon trying to find the perfect color combinations? We understand that pairing perfect colors that pop is crucial to keep clients coming back and grow your business. That’s why our team of dedicated color creators works tirelessly to keep you on-trend and on-time with our carefully-curated collections—freeing you up to create complementary designs like the artist you are.

Creative is what makes us LE.

LE Consistent

CONSISTENT - #LEConsistent

Have you ever liked a product, purchased it again and found that it looked or felt different? Clients notice even the smallest difference in color, and pros waste valuable time dealing with products that don’t behave the way they are supposed to. That’s why our 4 step QC process and superior chemistry ensure your product is consistent every single batch.

LE provides premium science-backed products so that professionals are confident they are using the best products for themselves and their clients. Products are developed and produced to the highest standards to ensure safety and continuity.

Consistent is what makes us LE.

LE Family

FAMILY - #LEFamily

Do you ever struggle to find the answers to the problems you face in the salon? From chipping and lifting to simply having your questions answered, we all need help from time to time. Welcome to the LE Family. From our nail pros to our educators to our loving distributors around the world, we’re a tight community invested in each other’s success with bonds as strong as our chemistry. Problem solved.

Our strongest bond is with the people that make up the LE family. From the beginning, we have been committed to providing the highest level of service and care to every person we encounter.

Family is what makes us LE.

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